Waxing & Depilar Hair Therapy

Welcome to our Waxing menu. At Project Beauty Spa, We hope to answer all of your questions and accommodate all of your waxing needs in a clean, comfortable, and safe setting with our expert waxing specialists. 

Facial Waxing

Eye Brow Wax $35

Eye Brow Wax Maintenance $25
Lip Wax $12
Chin Wax $15
Side Burn Wax $15
Cheek Wax $15
​Nose Wax $12
Full Face Wax $55(not including brows)
Full Face with Collagen Mask $65

Celebrity Eye Brow Treatment $55-$65

Includes custom Eye Brow shaping by waxing & tweezing, an Eye Brow Tint, and eye area makeup touch up.

Under Arm Wax $15

Full Arm $45
Half Arm $30
Full Leg $70
Half Leg $45
Stomach Line $10
Full Stomach(Female) $25
Lower Back(Female) $20
Full Back(Female) $50


Body Waxing
"Lady Business"

Bikini Line $30

Outside the Panty line.

French Bikini $40

Taking little more than the bikini line.

Brazilian Maintenance $50

Taking everything from the front or leaving a little strip, triangle, heart, or postage stamp.

Brazilian Supreme Maintenance $60

Everything removed front to back.


Brazilian $60

First time clients to Project Beauty or it has been longer than 8 weeks from your last appointment with us


Brazilian Supreme $70

First time clients to Project Beauty or it has been longer than 8 weeks from your last appointment with us.



New Client Offer! 

1st time clients will receive 50% off a Bikini Line, French Bikini, Brazilian or Brazilian Supreme. Offer cannot be combined with any other special/ offer. 24 hour cancelation policy applies.

Depilar Hair Therapy

The Depilar System: uses the latest in advanced scientific research to offer an effective and affordable method for the reduction of unwanted body hair for all sexes, races, hair colors, and hair types. Using the research and our experience from previous generations of enzyme-based hair removal, Danish scientists have combined the proteins Trypsin and Chymotrypsin in the Depilar System. This enhanced enzyme-based formula provides efficacy rates exceeding other products of its kind on the market, including previous generations of enzyme-based hair removal and costly laser treatments. The Depilar System is used directly after a traditional waxing or tweezing to target the hair follicles. It is recamended that you are regular with your waxing appointments, coming every 4-6 weeks, and no shaving in between for best results. Pricing listed below is for 1 treatment and usually takes 8-12 treatments. 

Facial Depilar
Body Depilar
"Lady Business"

Eye Brow Maintenance: $62.50
Lip Wax: $30.00
Chin Wax: $37.50
Side Burn Wax: $37.50
Cheek Wax: $37.50

Under Arm Wax: $37.50

Half Arm: $75.00
Full Arm: $112.50
Half Leg: $112.50
Full Leg: $150.00

Stomach Line: $25.00

Female Full Stomach: $62.50

Female Lower Back: $50.00

Female Full Back: $125.00

Bikini Line $75.00
French Bikini $100.00
Brazilian Maintenance: $125.00
Brazilian Supreme Maintenance: $150.00

Pre-Waxing Instructions

​Here are some helpful tips to ensure your appointment is a comfortable, thorough, and quality wax.

1. Exfoliate the area(s) you plan to have waxed the day of your appointment.  This will help the short or stubborn hairs to pull with ease. 

2. Avoid any blood thinners such as Asprin as (you may have guessed) it may cause bleeding.

3. Stay away from drinking alcohol and major pain killers such as Vicodin and Codeine as they usually cause bruising during or soon after appointments. 

4. Showering right before your appointment would open up your pores allowing the hair to glide out easier than when your pores are closed.


4 Reasons to Wax All Year Long

1. Hair growth: The more you wax on a consistent basis the more you will begin to notice less hair growing back in between waxes.  A lot of times this is the goal of waxing in the first place, to get rid of the hair and require less maintenance over time. If you wax regularly and then stop during the colder seasons you will undo everything you were working towards by waxing regularly in the first place!


2. Health of your skin: Waxing not only removes the hair, it also exfoliates your skin. This combined with the removal of the entire hair follicle is what gives you clear, smooth, healthy skin. If you want these results to continue you need to continue receiving regular waxes.


3. Time: Waxing allows you to cut your morning routine short. No more need to wake up at the crack of dawn to give yourself enough time to shave every day. This is especially important for those who are back at school or have kids going back to school as your schedule fills up quick. Waxing only requires a visit to your esthetician every few weeks.  Talk about low maintenance!


4. Accident proof: Unlike shaving, when you wax you won’t be left with cuts, rashes, razor burn, red bumps, etc. You can say goodbye to legs covered in band aids or wearing sleeves and/or pants to cover up irritated skin.