Men's Services

Men's Waxing

Facial Grooming/ Waxing

Eye Brow Wax $25

Nose Wax $12

Ears Wax $12
Hairline Wax $15
Cheek Wax $15​


Body Waxing

Shoulder Wax $25

Full Arm $45
Half Arm $30
Full Leg $70
Half Leg $45
Half Chest(pecks or stomach) $30
Full Chest $55
Full Back $60


"Twigs & Berries"/ Manscaping

Mankini $55

Cleaning up around the legs, inner thigh and lining up the top.

Manzilian $75

As much or as little removed from the front.

Manzilian Supreme $85

As mush or as little removed from front to back.

Custom Skin Care for Men

Gentleman's Facial $105:

This facial concentrates on achieving flawless skin, catering to male clients common concerns such as Ingrown's from shaving, black heads and breakouts. Includes cleansing, green papaya mask to exfoliate dead skin cells and excess debris, extraction of black heads and white heads, custom Mask to correct or enhance the condition of the skin, hand treatment, vitamin C serum to balance the skin's PH and close the pores, moisturizer and SPF.


Derma-file Facial add on $35(highly recommended for men)


De-Stress Facial $105: 

This luxurious facial is designed to soothe and soften your complexion while deeply de-stressing your entire body. You will enjoy a gentle yet thorough cleansing, a soothing aromatherapy oil massage on the face, neck, and shoulders, 1-2 customized masks, paraffin hand and/ or feet treatment, hydrating vitamin C serum that balances the skin's PH and close the pores, moisturizer, and SPF.​ You will leave feeling like a whole new person. 


Back Facial $105:

Your choice of De-Stress or Deep Cleansing Facial performed on the back. Excludes hand treatment.