Eyelash Extensions



For ANY occasion or EASY Living!


-Everyday Perfect Mascara Look





-Professional Career Look


Benefits of Eyelash Extensions:


+Full, lush and thick lashes that make your eyes look alive and gorgeous. 


+Have the glam of strip lashes everyday without the mess of glue and hard-to-apply strips.


+Get that perfect mascara "look" without the runs, smears and fading.


+No pain or downtime, just unbelievably natural-looking lashes!


Price Menu

Eyelash Extensions:


-Classic Full Set $250: Synthetic silk and mink lashes applied to each of your lashes to improve legnth and curl. 

-Return Full set- $150


-Fill $85: 6 weeks maximum time between the fills, Otherwise considered as Return Full Set

-Fill from outside business - $120

-Mini-fill - $45


- Removal of Extensions $25